How to install ios 7 iphone 4 and 5 download link

How to install IOS 7 :

(Update !! 18-09-2013) Finally Apple has released io7 Final Version.

if got errors while trying download iOS 7 over-the-air try this solution.

How to Download IOS 7 ? IOS7 Beta by Apple is only available for developers, but we put links that everyone can download, We have made io7 download available for iPhone 5 and iphone 4 gsm rev a , also you can download io7 by apple developer account, Apple released firmware for ios 7 download for iphone 4 gsm (4) ,IOS7 got major change in system interface and even more of the characteristics and services, io7 free download from below links, Enjoy:

(Update!) Apple released ios7 beta 3

(Update 1) Apple released io7 beta 4

(Update 2) Apple released io7 beta 5

(Update 3) Apple released io7 beta 6

IOS7 Features:

ios7 download: